Viðeyjarnaust Cabin

Viðeyjarnaust Cabin

Viðeyjarnaust Cabin was built in 1986 and is a bright and open house with glass walls and roof. About 100 people can be com­forta­bly sea­ted there. It has a small kitchenette and public toilets. It is open daily and is a pop­ular rest­ing place for hikers and other guests of Viðey to take a break and enjoy the unique view from the patio. By Viðeyjarnaust Cabin stands a big, old fashi­o­ned charcoal BBQ, availa­ble for use by all our guests. Guests must bring all that is needed for the barbecue, including charcoal, food, pla­tes, glasses etc. The Cabin is about 10 minutes walk from the pier. Viðeyjarnaust cabin is closed over the win­tertime from October 1st to May 1st. Please contact for bookings.


Family gathering in the Cabin Viðeyjarnaust

If instead, you walk straight ahead pass­ing Viðey House, you will soon come upon the small huts that house the public bat­hrooms. If you cont­inue further, following the road going eastwards, after about 15 minutes walk, you will come to The Old School House.




104 Reykjavík


(+354) 411-6360

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Viðey Island


Ferry Schedule

Ferry Schedule


Daily from 15 May - 31 Aug. Starting at 10:15 (am) going to Viðey. Last ferry from Viðey is at 18:30 (6:30 pm).


1 Sept - 14 May. Only ferry service during weekends from 13:15-15:15.




2,100 ISK

Children 7 - 17 years

1,050 ISK

Children 0 - 6 years

Free, accompanied by an adult

67+ and people with disabilities

1,890 ISK

City Cardholders


The prices are valid for 2023

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