19.11.2020 to 01.02.2021

Nocturne│Hrafna Jóna Ágústsdóttir

Hrafna Jóna Ágústsdóttir's work Nocturne captures the fairytale world of the night within everyday Icelandic city landscapes; a low-key, but complex, world that moves the observer's emotions.

Ljósmyndasafn - Hrafna Ágústsdóttir

"I am a night wanderer, and have always been. I'm at home in the twilight, where the darkness nourishes my creativity, and I come alive. The night is the companion of the day, it changes the world and makes it smaller, perhaps simpler. Everything is quiet. Apart from cats and the odd night owl, few are out and about. The darkness is soft, the darkness is exciting; it is cold, warm or mixed with fear.

The darkness transforms the streets into illuminated riverbeds flowing past trees which cast mysterious shadows into the gardens.

The darkness is what we conjure with our minds from that which we cannot see with our eyes: all those dark corners, all of the shadows. The odd window is illuminated, but no secrets are revealed. Who is awake? Why? What's going on behind the curtains?"

Hrafna Jóna Ágústsdóttir graduated with a degree in creative photography from the School of Photography in 2020. She has been working on her art ever since. She seeks to express the darker side of her own thoughts and perceptions through photography and other forms of art media.





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