Árbær Open Air Christmas Program

22.11.2019 X

Sundays 15 & 22 December 2019 at 13:00 -17:00. Christmas at the Árbær Open Air Museum is a must for visitors to the city during Advent. Offering a great program of events for the whole family, you'll not find a more cosy or cheerful place to visit this time of year.

With activities taking place in all areas of the museum, there will be plenty for visitors of all ages to see and do while strolling between the charming traditional houses and taking in the festive Christmas atmosphere.

There'll be traditional activities such as singing popular songs and dancing around the Christmas tree, and those naughty Christmas Lads will be out and about too, peeping through windows and making the usual mischief.

During Advent, there will be a variety of activities taking place within the different houses. At Árbær guests can make traditional Icelandic Leaf Bread, while up in the Baðstofa (the loft) they'll be able to spin yarn and try their hand at knitting. At Granary (Kornhús), mum, dad and the kids can enjoy some family time making traditional Icelandic Christmas decorations. Visitors to Hábær will be able to get a taste of traditional Icelandic hangikjöt (smoked lamb) and on offer and at Nýlenda House there will be wood whittling.

At Efstibær the Christmas preparations will be in full swing with the customary Skate fish cooking in the pot, while at Miðhús it will be possible to get Christmas cards printed. At the Stable on Garðastræti they will be making candles the way they used to in the olden days, while at Krambúð (the museum’s general store) guests can stock up on confectionary and a variety of Christmas goods.       

Main events:

14:00 Service at the Church

15:00 Singing and dancing around the Christmas tree

14:00-16:00 Entertainment with the Christmas Lads

Traditional Icelandic Christmas fare will be available at Dillon's House. 


Adults 18+ ISK 1,700

Free admission for children (17 and under) and disabled people.

Icelandic Yule lads at Árbær Open Air Museum in Reykjavík
Laufabrauð skorið út í Árbæ.
Leaf bread in the making
Jólasveinn á hlaupum á Árbæjarsafni
Yule lads running away from kids at Árbær Open Air Museum Reykjavík



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