Winter Break Programme at Reykjavík City Museum

17.02.2021 X

There are many fun things for families to do at the Reykjavík City Museum during the Winter Break, and as usual, there is no charge for adults accompanying children. Welcome!

Árbær Open Air Museum

Refreshing outdoor games at the museum

Árbær Open Air Museum is open every day between 13:00-17:00. During winter break, admission is free for adults accompanied by children. The museum houses are curious to see, each with its own story to tell and it's fun to meet the settlement chickens that roam the area in good weather. During the winter break, guests are encouraged to use the outdoor space for games. Children can possibly learn new games and parents reminisce about the outdoor games of their childhood. 

The Settlement Exhibition

Exploration around Kvosin - Family expedition around the oldest part of Reykjavík

A new family expedition will be offered at the Settlement Exhibition during winter break. The game starts inside with a few puzzles that are solved by exploring the exhibition. Then the participants are led outside for a good walk around Kvosin. Get to know the city centre better through a fun family puzzle game, both inside and outside. As usual, free admission to the Settlement Exhibition for adults accompanied by children during winter break.

Here is a link to the game, please notice that it is in Icelandic.

Reykjavík Museum of Photography

Press Photos of 2020

See the Press Photos of 2020 exhibition at the Reykjavík Museum of Photography which was done in collaboration with the Icelandic Press Photographers' Association. The exhibition includes photos from last year, which are fun to look at and reminisce about that unusual year. The photos in the exhibition were selected by an independent jury from all submitted photos by Icelandic newspaper photographers. 

Free admission for adults accompanied by children. 

Reykjavík Maritime Museum

Family games in the Reykjavík Maritime Museum for kids!

The exhibition Fish & Folk is a mine of information on ​​fascinating sea animals, ships and cans of sardines. The family games guide young visitors through the Reykjavík Maritime Museum's exhibition and encourage children to reflect on all the strange and fun things related to fishing. The museum is in Grandi district and is right by the harbour, only a short walk away from the pier.

Viðey Island

Island trip in Reykjavík

Sailing out to Viðey Island is a great way to spend quality time with friends and family during the winter break. The boat ride is only a few minutes long and is a fun start to a refreshing day out in Viðey Island. The island offers countless fun places to visit and check out. There are beaches, hills, caves, artworks, birdlife and centuries-old houses. At the ticket office, you will get a map of the island. 

Check out at which times it is high and low tides in Viðey Island if you want to check out the beaches. 

Please note that there are rocks, ditches and ponds in Viðey Island which can be dangerous. Children are the responsibility of parents or other guardians.


Photo by Jóhann Vilberg Árnason (1942-1970) April 1966 in Reykjavík