The Settlement Exhibition is closed 1-4 September

31.08.2021 X

The ruin at the Settlement Exhibition will undergo some conservation work from 25 August until 4 September 2021.

Ingibjörg Áskelsdóttir vinnur að forvörslu rústarinnar
The conservator, Ingibjörg Áskelsdóttir at work

Two conservators, Ingibjörg Áskelsdóttir from the Reykjavík City Museum and Sigríður Þorgeirsdóttir from the National Museum of Iceland, will carry out the work. The ruin was conserved initially in 2006. Some parts of the ruins have become loose, both with time and because of some curious guests. The conservation treatment consists of cleaning, attaching loose fragments and then spraying the whole ruin with TEOS, the same material used in its original conservation treatment. In the spraying treatment, ethanol will evaporate. The Settlement Exhibition will therefore be closed from 1-4 September 2021.

Sigríður Þorgeirsdóttir vinnur að forvörslu rústarinnar
The conservator Sigríður Þorgeirsdóttir at work
Ingibjörg Áskelsdótttir og Sigríður Þorgeirsdóttir vinna í forvörslu rústarinnar
Ingibjörg Áskelsdóttir and Sigríður Þorgeirsdóttir conservators at work