The new permanent exhibition at Reykjavík Maritime Museum nominated for the Icelandic Museum Prize 2020

06.05.2020 X

FISH & FOLK - 150 years of fisheries, the new permanent exhibition at the Reykjavík Maritime Museum and the collaboration with the civil societies of the two vessels Óðinn and Magni, have been nominated for the Icelandic Museum Prize 2020.


The selection committee's opinion is that the exhibition Fish & folk appeals to a diverse group of guests, both those who are well acquainted and those who know little about fishing. The exhibition communicates the story in an educational, lively, interactive and entertaining way. The methodology for the preparation of the exhibition is exemplary.

Other nominations include:

• Sovereignty in the east of Iceland - sustainable sovereignty

• 2019 - year pf art in public spaces at the Reykjavík Art Museum

• Water in Icelandic Nature – Icelandic Museum of Natural History exhibition in Perlan, Reykjavík

• Preservation and Research Centers of the National Museum of Iceland together with the Handbook on Preservation of Collections.

The President of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, will present the Museum Prize 2020 at a ceremony on May 18 in the Culture House at Hverfisgata. The ceremony will be streamed on social media.