THE CITY'S MUSEUMS OPEN despite gathering ban due to Coronavirus threat

13.03.2020 X

Minister of Health Svandís Svavarsdóttir has announced a gathering ban of 100 people or more in Iceland to prevent further spreading of COVID-19, beginning on March 16th. This will not affect ships and aeroplanes, nor the international airport nor harbours. Universities and secondary schools will be closed and all major events such as concerts and conferences will be cancelled. The ban will be in effect for at least four weeks

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

The City museums: Reykjavík City Museum, the City Library, and the Reykjavík Art Museum will be open at usual times despite this ban as the museums are only expecting few guests at a time and also because their premises allow for sufficient distance between guests. However, museum events will be cancelled or postponed as of Monday 16th March, while the ban is in effect. Furthermore, all guided tours in Árbær Open Air Museum and Óðinn Coast Guard Vessel will be cancelled.

There is no festival organized by the city over the next four weeks, but the status will be assessed for the Children's Culture Festival and other festivities as things develop.

The emphasis is on increased cleaning in all of the city's museums as well as access to sanitizers, for guests and staff. Touch surfaces, such as handrails, bags, touch screens and door handles, will be cleaned at least twice a day, as well as toys and other things.

As before, we welcome all guests and we hope they will enjoy their visit despite this difficult situation.