Imagine Peace Tower event cancelled due to bad weather

09.10.2023 X

The Imagine Peace Tower event has been cancelled due to a bad weather forecast.

Viðey Friðarsúlan
Friðarsúlan í Viðey og norðurljós á himni.

We regret to inform you that the event scheduled for tonight at 20:00 to light up the Imagine Peace Tower on Viðey Island has been cancelled.

The cancellation is due to the bad weather forecast. We had planned a peaceful ceremony to honour the memory of the legendary musician John Lennon. The Imagine Peace Tower was conceived by the renowned artist, musician and peace activist Yoko Ono and is intended to serve as a beacon for global Peace. However, the tower's illumination will still occur at 20:00 tonight, on John Lennon's birthday.

Unfortunately, Elding, the ferry company, informed us that the wind direction is unsuitable for sailing across the strait tonight. Consequently, all ferry trips to and from Viðey Island today and tomorrow have been cancelled.

Nevertheless, you can still witness the tower's illumination from the comfort of your home as it will be broadcast live on the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER website at 20:00. We suggest playing Lennon's famous song "Imagine" and reflecting on Peace during this time.

Let's Imagine Peace together!