Culture Night 2022 at Reykjavík City Museum

03.08.2022 X

It will be inspiring as always to visit Reykjavík City Museum for Culture Night 20 August, where people of all ages get to know and enjoy the history that our society is based on.

Aðalstræti 10.jpg

The Settlement Exhibition and Reykjavík ... the story continues at Aðalstræti 10-16 are family-friendly and informative exhibitions representing Reykjavík's history from settlement to the present day. Visitors get an insight into the complex history and culture of Reykjavík through the development of house construction and planning with a stop at the oldest house in the city centre, Aðalstræti 10. For Culture Night, a creative workshop will be on offer, building houses for livestock with free-flowing imagination. Viking dreams can come true in the costume corner of the Settlement Exhibition and Vikings in the Viking group Rimmugýgur settle in tents by Aðalstræti and give us an insight into the life of the Vikings in the Age of Settlement when they wage their shields and swords in Aðalstræti.

At the Reykjavík Museum of Photography, cultural theorist, Sigrún Alba Sigurðardóttir gives an exhibition talk on the exhibition Landvörður by Jessica Auer, currently on show at the museum. The exhibition provides a good opportunity to reflect on the cohesion involved in living in a unique nature, but Jessica Auer has been instrumental in documenting the impact of mass tourism on the Icelandic landscape and society. Gissur Guðjónsson's exhibition Site opens in Skotið where visitors can continue to explore the culture and traces of the existence of man that Gissur uses as material in the exhibition. The hip-hop dance music band Matriarchy then throws a concert where cultural currents meet on the evening of Culture Night.

At the Maritime Museum, a particularly informative and diverse exhibition can be enjoyed in the museum's exhibition Fish & folk - 150 years of fisheries. The varied presentation of the exhibition offers something suitable for everyone, as interactive games delight some and the tranquillity of astronomy invites others into the amazing world of sailing and ships through the ages. For Culture Night, the youngest generation is invited to the fairy-tale show Ljósagull, where Húlladúllan invites you on a magical journey with lights and sparkles. The older ones can look forward to dancing fisherman's waltz, reel and polka at a pier ball that starts at 20.



The Settlement Exhibition & Aðalstræti 10 

10:00-20:00 The Settlement Exhibition 

10:00-20:00 Reykjavík ... the story continues

10:00-20:00 A Viking dream? Open Viking costume corner in Aðalstræti 16 

12:00-18:00 Rimmugýgur. Vikings in Aðalstræti  

14:00-17:00 House for the livestock! Creative workshop in Aðalstræti 10 


Reykjavík Museum of Photography

13:00-22:00 Landvörður exhibition

14:00-15:00 Landvörður, exhibition talk 

17:00-22:00 Opening in Skotið: Site

20:00-22:00 Dance party: The Matriarchy 


Reykjavík Maritime Museum

10:00-22:00 The permanent exhibition Fish & folk - 150 years of fisheries

14:00-18:00 Magical show of Húlladúllan Ljósagull 

20:00-21:30 Pier Party 


Free admission and everyone is welcome.