Chess Tournament

22.08.2022 X

A chess tournament will be held at Árbær Open Air Museum Sunday, September 28 at 14:00. The event is organized by the Reykjavík Chess Club in collaboration with the Museum.

The tournament is open to all interested parties. Participants will play seven rounds with a time limit of 4+2. 
Prizes will be awarded for the top three places, ISK 15,000, ISK 10,000 and ISK 5,000. For participation please use this registration form.

The participation fee is paid by paying the entrance fee to the museum according to the Árbær Open Air Museum tariff list. It is free for people aged 67 and over, the disabled and children aged 17 and under. The participation fee is paid at the entrance to the museum.

Árbær Open Air Museum is part of Reykjavík City Museum - One museum in five unique places.