Árbær Open Air Museum 65th anniversary

08.08.2022 X

Árbær Open Air Museum will celebrate its 65th anniversary on 14 August with a behind-the-scenes programme. Everyone is welcome to the festivities, which are free of charge.


On 11 August 1957, the flag was hoisted at Árbær Open Air Museum for the first time, welcoming guests into the museum. The old farm Árbær has a long and significant history as it was a popular place for people to stop by when travelling through these parts. It is safe to say that the museum has a special place in the minds of the city's residents and visitors, as the museum is a true friend in the urban landscape where people of all ages can experience the atmosphere in Reykjavík as it was in the olden days. 
On this occasion, the museum's experts will be on hand to converse and inform visitors about the different aspects of all the hard work they do in the museum. Visitors can visit the museum's preservation house and see how artefacts are stored, get acquainted with work on the preservation of archaeological remains and the protection of older buildings in the city, get to know the museum's educational programme and how the museum houses are adapted for exhibitions.

Sheep and horses are grazing in the pasture, and settlement hens are roaming around the museum area. Freshly brewed coffee and newly baked goods are available in the museum café. The convenience store's shelves are brimming with sweets, and delicious ice cream is for sale in the museum shop.

The event programme is from 13:00-16:00, but the museum is open from 10:00-17:00. Admission is free for everyone. 

Árbær Open Air Museum is part of Reykjavík City Museum: One museum in five unique places.