Accessibility at our museum sites

Árbær Open Air Museum

On-site access for those with mobility needs at the Árbær Open Air Museum is generally good. However, access to some of the individual houses in the collection is limited, with the exception of the main reception, The Granary house and Landakot house, where facilities include a lift and a toilet with enough room to accommodate wheelchairs.

The Árbær Open Air Museum does not provide courtesy wheelchairs.

The Settlement Exhibition

The Settlement Exhibition is committed to making its museum services accessible for all guests and its modern facilities are designed to accommodate wheelchair users. Features include a main entrance with automatic doors, an accessible restroom and a lift down to the open-plan and obstacle-free exhibition spaces. Note! The floor is uneven in places.

The artefacts and interactive features of the exhibition are ergonomically designed for wheelchair users with comfortable and accessible display heights.

The Settlement Exhibition does not provide courtesy wheelchairs.

Reykjavík Maritime Museum

The main entrance of the museum (by Grandagarður) is fitted with automatic doors and is wheelchair accessible. Note that although the harbour-side entrance does not feature automatic doors, access is generally good. A lift provides access between the first (ground) and second floors.

Parking is available by both the Grandagarður and harbour-side entrances, with more parking options harbour-side. The parking bay directly outside the front entrance (by Grandagarður) can accommodate a coach or bus.

Parking for the disabled: A single designated disabled parking bay is located next to the main entrance on Grandagarður.

The Hornsílið conference room is located on the second floor.

The museum shop is located on the ground floor, next to the reception desk.

Toilets (one with access for the disabled and baby changing facilities) are located on the second floor.

The museum restaurant is located on the ground floor with good access to the outdoor quayside facilities.

A courtesy wheelchair is available on the ground floor.

Coastguard Vessel Óðinn

The ship has steep stairs, raised thresholds and narrow passages making it unsuitable for wheelchairs or anyone who has difficulty walking. People with claustrophobia are also advised against visiting this attraction.

Reykjavík Museum of Photography

The Museum of Photography is easily accessible for those with mobility needs via the ground-floor entrance of Grófarhús and by lift up to the 6th floor, where the exhibition space is located. The floor is equipped with toilet facilities large enough to accommodate wheelchairs.                                                                                   

A courtesy wheelchair is available on the ground floor.

Viðey Island

Because access to and from Viðey Island is limited, it is important that travellers with mobility needs are accompanied. The transport service employees will do their best to assist passengers on and off the ferry.

Toilet facilities with wheelchair access are available north-east of Viðey House.

Wheelchair access to Viðey House is located on the north side of the building.

A path providing wheelchair access to Viðeyarnaust Cabin and the Imagine Peace Tower was opened in the autumn of 2014.

Viðeyarnaust Cabin is fitted with wheelchair ramps and has accessible toilet facilities.